The Caremmunity Project

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Partnering with the best businesses and charities

Creating a start up business from scratch is difficult. Especially in an industry with so many long standing, established businesses and charities. That's why, as the new kids on the block, we're reaching out to these guys for help.

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Where did Caremmunity come from?

I’ve always been close with my grandparents. I never knew my paternal grandparents and so built a unique and strong relationship with my grandparents on my mother’s side. From an early age, my sister and I would look forward to days out, sleepovers, and holidays with our grandparents. However, now in their eighties, their health is clearly deteriorating day by day. This got me thinking…

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Getting feedback from users

It’s exciting times at Caremmunity HQ. A global pandemic won’t stop us from building an app that’s going to transform an industry! We’ve been working hard with tech start up accelerator, Hyper, to build a prototype to test with potential users of the app. The reason we do this is to learn valuable lessons about what we should or shouldn’t include before we invest lot’s of money into building the real thing.

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