Where did Caremmunity come from?

I’ve always been close with my grandparents. I never knew my paternal grandparents and so built a unique and strong relationship with my grandparents on my mother’s side. From an early age, my sister and I would look forward to days out, sleepovers, and holidays with our grandparents.

However, now in their eighties, their health is clearly deteriorating day by day. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and is cared for full time by my grandfather, who, while sound of mind, is growing exhausted from his caring responsibilities and lacks mobility. They are struggling with day-to-day responsibilities like keeping a house and garden, getting out and about, getting food, and a host of other tasks I would deem simple.

Their story is not unique; grandparents, loved by family, but where intervention is required.

Our family is not rich, but we are also not poor, we fit somewhere in the middle. We cannot pay expensive carer fees without selling their home of 40 years and my grandfather has no interest in moving to a care home. This got me thinking…

I have developed the idea of leveraging technology to solve this problem and building a business around it.

Caremmunity is an app which will be available on all smart phones for volunteers such as family members, friends, neighbours, charity workers or social workers to coordinate the care of vulnerable loved ones like my grandparents, but could also include disabled people or those with learning difficulties. These people live independently, but require the assistance of a community of concerned helpers from time to time. Where a volunteer is unavailable Caremmunity will provide a directory of paid services for the community of volunteers to utilise. This directory will include professional carers, food services, pet services, cleaners, gardeners and a whole load more. Any professional service that may be needed to help a vulnerable person.

This notion bucks the trend. The industry is geared towards getting vulnerable people connected with expensive professional carers or care homes.

Our welfare system is ever improving, but this has taken the responsibility off those closest to the helpee and allowed people to slip through the cracks of the welfare system. Caremmunity is more than just an app. It’s a social movement. It’s a move away from shirking the care responsibilities to the welfare system or to expensive care homes. Instead we should be taking responsibility for the care of our vulnerable friends and family. And throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have seen incredible community spirit and an army of volunteers willing to help the most vulnerable. Let's continue this community energy and spirit.

Caremmunity benefits the helpee, who gets to see more of their family and friends. It’s great for the helpers who are more involved in the care and have peace of mind that the helpee is not being forgotten by a welfare system breaking at the seams. It also helps solitary carers, those that are left to care for a loved one by themselves. And of course, this solution could save thousands of pounds.

The opportunity to do something iconic is now.

Nathan, Caremmunity founder