Getting feedback from users

It’s exciting times at Caremmunity HQ. A global pandemic won’t stop us from building an app that’s going to transform an industry! 

We’ve been working hard with tech start up accelerator, Hyper, to build a prototype to test with potential users of the app. The reason we do this is to learn valuable lessons about what we should or shouldn’t include before we invest lot’s of money into building the real thing.

We’re now entering the nail-biting phase of getting feedback on what we’ve created so far.

Do you like our name, branding and website?

Does our app, look good, work well and have the features you want? What have we included that doesn’t add anything to your experience?

This is the sort of invaluable feedback we are searching for, so that we can be sure, when we begin building, we’re including the right things!

For anyone that’s offered feedback so far, I’m truly grateful.

And to anyone that wants to help shape the most exciting start up in the care industry (in my opinion!), feel free to reach out. I love talking about Caremmunity!

Once we’ve gathered all the feedback, its onto the next part…

Getting investment.

Wish us luck!

Nathan, Caremmunity founder