Caremmunity and how it all began

Caremmunity was founded in early 2020 by Nathan Brown, Amy Ives and Elliott Crush. Nathan's grandparents lived independently but their health and mobility were getting worse. Nathan recognised that there was a community of friends, family and neighbours that wanted to help his grandparents, but there was no platform that allowed them to easily do this...

After researching the market, Nathan, a digital marketer and Amy, an accountant, reached out to Hyper, a tech start up incubator to help get the idea off the ground. With their help, the basic principles of the idea flourished into the foundations of a social enterprise ready for take off.

Nathan then approached an old school friend, Elliott, an experienced and successful software engineer, who joined the team as Chief Technology Officer and began building the app.

Caremmunity is now seeking investment to launch an app that will help not only Nathan's family, but millions of families around the world.

A man and woman with their hand on their hip smiling
the new task and add carer screens of the Caremmunity app.

Together, we will make a difference.

Whether it’s taking Grandma shopping, cutting Uncle Jim’s grass, or taking Dad to his hospital appointment, simple tasks can be completed by a community of volunteers and professional service, allowing our vulnerable loved ones to continue to live independently.

Elderly man a woman walking with sticks smiling at each other

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